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Have the courage to give up your commitment

What image do you have of a craftsman?
It may be the image of someone who continues to preserve traditions from long ago, or it may be the image of someone who takes pride in his or her work and sometimes goes above and beyond the call of duty without regard for profit or loss.

On the other hand, there are many people who have the image of a difficult, stubborn, and obstinate person who does not bend to his or her own ideas.
We are not “stubborn and stubborn craftsmen,” but rather we make strings that put the user first.
We have been in this business for generations, and we have our own accumulated methods and craftsmanship.
Still, in order to create products that will impress the users, we must give top priority to the following
There are times when we have to abandon our “commitment” to the traditional way of doing things.

We are a group of professionals who continue to make strings with a passion and a determination to change with the times and with the people who use them.

Yondaime Jinmu Hama Gengen – Honma Gengen that has evolved over a long period of time and continues the tradition from ancient times.

These hemp strings have evolved in various ways from the first to the fourth generation. (Above is an image of hemp)
I want to make something that people who use it will be impressed by how good it is. With this single minded desire, the fourth generation head of the company began production.
The work of making something different from the way it had been made before was more difficult than we had ever imagined.
The amount of ingredients changed with the seasons, including hot and cold weather, the ratio of pine needles and oil, and the degree to which the hemp was matched, and many mistakes were made.
After two years of trial and error, the product was completed.