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Mikkabi Mikan

Not just bowstrings! A tangerine farmer who makes the most of his land in Mikkaichi and grows mandarins too!

Mikkaicho, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where Yokota Yumi-Gen is located, is one of the three major production centers in Japan. Mikkaicho is made of red soil called “Chichibu Kosei” layer, which is said to be suitable for growing mandarin oranges due to its good drainage.

Hamamatsu City, where Mikkaicho is located, boasts one of the highest amounts of sunshine in Japan. Sugar, the sweetness of mandarin oranges, is produced through photosynthesis, so the more sunshine a region receives, the higher the sugar content.
The more sunlight, the higher the sugar content.
Mikkaichi Mikan” grows with a difference.

At Yokota Yumiken Seisakusho, we have been growing Mikka Mikan for generations. We cultivate our oranges without pesticides so that our customers can enjoy the natural taste of our oranges, which have been cultivated with various blessings. Natural cultivation without pesticides is a rare product among Mikkaichi Mikan. Rather than the time efficiency and other benefits of using pesticides, we have taken the time and effort to carefully nurture our oranges in order to bring you the original natural taste of our oranges.
When you come to see the strings, please take a look at the Mikka Mikan as well.

No pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, disinfectants, etc. are used.
We grow mandarin oranges by cultivating by natural farming method that activates plant hormones.
I would like to protect the local environment that I want to preserve in the future for children with infinite possibilities.

If you are interested in mikan or feelings, please contact us directly from the inquiry at the bottom of the “Factory Guide” page.

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