2. Yokota Kyugen Factory
  3. History


The factory was started in 1940 by the first generation of vines.
Over the years, something solid has been passed down from generation to generation.

The desire that has been passed down through the years to the 2nd generation, the 3rd generation, and now to the 4th generation, Yukihiro Yokota.

It is to make products that create excitement.
To make the people who use our products happy. To make people happy. To move people.

How to be a bowstring craftsman

What image do you have of a craftsman?
It may be the image of someone who continues to preserve traditions from long ago, or it may be the image of someone who takes pride in his or her work and sometimes goes above and beyond the call of duty without regard for profit or loss.
On the other hand, there are many people who have the image of a difficult, stubborn, and obstinate person who does not bend to his or her own ideas.

I am not a “stubborn and stubborn craftsman,” but rather, I make strings that place the highest priority on the user.
Our factory, which has been in existence for generations, has its own accumulated methods and craftsmanship.
Even so, there are times when we must abandon our “persistence” in adhering to conventional methods in order to create products that will impress our customers and give top priority to their use.
We are a group of professionals who continue to make strings with the determination and passion to change with the times and with the people who use them.

Factory Guide

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Yokota Kyugen Factory

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since 1940


Yokota Yukihiro

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872-1 Mikkabicho Okamoto Kita-ku,
Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken 431-1415

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