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Hikari special crop

Aiming for a brilliant shot, this high-end product has been improved to maximize the characteristics of the optical string.

The material used for the string ring has been reviewed and the manufacturing process has been improved to increase its strength.
The color of the moon ring (the lower string ring) is white for both Normal, Nisun-shin, and Shisun-shin.

size Standard size, 2″ extension
number or size of periodicals or pictures No. 0, No. 1, No. 2
raw materials technola

◆Guideline for selecting the number of strings (thickness of strings)
No. 1… Bow weight 13kg or less
No. 2 … 14 to 17kg bow strength
No. 3 … Bow weight 18kg or more

About the handling of our bowstrings

About the handling of our bowstrings
Please refrain from using it for purposes other than bowstrings.
When installing, there is an initial extension, so please adjust it higher.