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Gin special crop

Excellent resilience and durability, sharp arrow flight, and string sound that strikes a chord.

Highly elastic aramid fiber is used.

Our unique over-stranding method integrates the fibers to reduce fluff and make the strings strong, while at the same time providing a soft pulling feel.

This unique manufacturing method softens the string rings and reduces slippage of the string rings.

Adhesives are made from carefully selected products in consideration of health and the environment.

*Gin Tokusaku has a different shape of string ring, so it is possible to re-tie the knot.
The feel will be a little softer.

Size Standard size, 2″ extension
raw materials Xyron
number or size of periodicals or pictures No. 1, No. 2, No. 3

◆Guideline for selecting the number of strings (thickness of strings)
No. 1… Bow weight 13kg or less
No. 2 … 14 to 17kg bow strength
No. 3 … Bow weight 18kg or more

About the handling of our bowstrings

Please refrain from using it for purposes other than bowstrings.
When installing, there is an initial extension, so please adjust it higher.